Casper Leerink
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Welcome to my life story, thank you for being interested in who I am. I hope you make it through to the end! 🐒

Casper's Timeline

  • Once upon a time, around 4.6 Billion Years ago, our sun was formed out of a big cloud of gas. That cloud of gas also contained all the atoms I am made of, just arranged differently I think?
  • I am born in 1995 in Willemstad, Curaçao. One of the dutch colonies in the Carribean, yes I know, crazy that still exists!
  • I moved to the Netherlands when I was 4 months old. A decision I obviously didn't make myself.🌞➡🌧
  • Our family spend 5 years in the western (civil) part of the Netherlands before moving to the countryside in the east.
  • When I was 7 years old, I first started playing the piano, probably playing this very annoying song.
  • After 1 year of piano lessons I gave up on my lessons already (😭) but I kept playing and improvising.
  • After I completed about 15 trips around the sun, and was past my worst of puberty, I started taking piano lessons again.
  • Having completed high school (or the dutch equivalent thereof), I somehow played myself into the conservatory at ArtEZ University of the Arts.
  • With a background of improvisation and making my own music, I started taking composition lessons as a second major during my bachelors at ArtEZ. The well chosen words of Alex Manassen guided me through my first 3 years of composing.
  • I noticed I enjoyed composing electronic music on the computer, which slowly led me down the rabbit hole of learning Ableton Live and then programming in Max/MSP, and then programming languages like Javascript. A rabbit hole I have never escaped.
  • After graduating I moved to Vancouver, Canada to start my masters. Here I got to meet a lot of very cool artists and slowly realised the world is bigger than the music scene.
  • And now here I am, finished my masters degree and staring into the (beautiful) abyss that is called the real world...

Who is Casper? According to Casper

I mean... Who knows who they really are?
All I know is that I am making things for people to watch and listen to, and I hope I can get to show people (un)expected connections that are all around and inside us. I believe that understanding our surroundings and ourselves as part of a network or system, helps us gain insight into problems we face in the world but also problems we face on a personal level.

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